17 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid.

If you have decided to make your website, WordPress is one of the best solutions for you. However, you could make some mistakes after installing your website. Thus, we must know about 17 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid.

If you design your website through developers, chances of mistakes are less.

On the other hand, if you build your site by yourself, chances of mistakes are more.


Further, you can set any unrelated themes, excess plugins, using pirated forms, neglecting updates.

Therefore, the understanding of the 17 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid is must.

It will be fruitful for you in future. It turns income for you.

Moreover, you see that newbies always make a website & don’t know about the management of the same.

As a result, they always bear heavy losses in terms of visitor, search engine optimization, income.

In these situations, if you wouldn’t know about 17 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid, probably your website maybe go down. Consequently, you could lose all the things.

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  • Selection of theme
  • Using free but the pirate WordPress theme
  • Saving the default setting
  • Selecting a weak password
  • Paying extra money on add-on features
  • Installation of too many plugins
  • Neglecting SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  
  • Forgetting about the updates
  • Picking the wrong WordPress
  • Changing a theme frequently
  • Site’s updating without back-up
  • Ignore Google Analytics
  • Tempering a parent theme
  • Neglecting automated back-ups
  • Comment’s moderation
  • Operate website without a contact form
  • Publishing unedited or incomplete post
  • Sum up

Selection of Theme

It is one major cause out of 17 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid.

First of all, after creating a website, you must choose the right theme for your website.

If you do not choose the right theme, it can harm the reputation of your website.

Probably, nobody wants to come to your website.

Now the question is which theme is best for your website?

Then the answer is there are seven best free & SEO compatible WordPress themes available for you.

You can choose one of them and install the same for your website.

Example Astra, Zillah, GeneratePress

So, select your theme carefully.

Using free but pirate WordPress theme

Using free themes is a good option, but the pirate one is not good.

You must check the details of the themes before the installation.

Check the information regarding last updated, user review, user rating, features of that particular theme.

However, if you have some money, you can expend the same and buy a fresh and new theme for your website.

Saving the default setting

It is a common mistake that newbies do every time.

Newbies think that they should save the default setting, but it is not right.

You should always modify your default setting of your website.

You should delete your default theme, default post, default category, default pages and install another one.

On the other hand, you can continue with the default setting. Later you will have to change it.

As a result, it is better for you that you should change your default setting after installing your basic WordPress settings.

Selecting a weak password

Select the weak password is a critical mistake.

There are thousands of hackers available, who want to hack your site.

Therefore, create your password carefully.

There is no standard for the creation of a password.

However, you can follow the basic rule of the creation of the password.

  1. Must create an alphanumeric password
  2. Similarly, Must include one alphabet in capital letter
  3. Must use at least one # or @ in your password.
  4. Further, create at least eight-digit passwords.

Consequently, you must select a good & strong password for your website. 

Paying extra money on add-on features

At the time of installing your WordPress website, you have enough resources to continue.

That is your initial stage. In that stage, you don’t need to expend extra money for add-on features.

Similarly, you can continue with your free features for your website. Let me explain by example.

Suppose you make your website. Now someone tells you, please buy a professional e-mail. It will be advantageous for you.

Then think at least one time about it. Do you need at this time professional e-mail?

Probably no. So you don’t need to expend your money. You can go with your free plan. Yes, of course, you need an e-mail account. That’s not mean that you should invest money for e-mail account.

You can create a free e-mail account with Google instead of paying money.

So, you don’t need to pay extra money for add-on features at the initial stage.

Installation of too many plugins

Installation of too many plugins, may down your site. You may face critical difficulties.

So, always try to avoid installation of too many plugins on your website.

Let me understand you through an example. Suppose you need to install malware & scanner for your website along with site maintenance plugin.

Then newbies install different plugins for different things. Strictly avoid it & install just one plugin for all.

There are lots of plugins available. You can search for that & install the same.

Example WordPress security plugin, Jetpack plugin

Therefore, don’t install too many plugins for your site.

Neglecting SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is one major cause out of 17 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid.

You always keep in mind the factor of SEO because it could improve your website.

Always try to go with SEO best practices & always follow SEO guidelines.

It will help your website to index & optimize your website’s search in search engine.

Similarly, write a post with SEO standard.

Don’t write any post without SEO measurement.

You can install a plugin Yoast SEO. It will guide you whenever you will write your blog & post the same.

Thus, always keep consideration of SEO.

Forgetting about the updates

Always try to updates your plugins and themes in time.

You must open your admin panel of WordPress every day.

Whenever any updates come, it will show you on the top of your admin panel bar.

As a result, you can update your themes, file & plugins.

However, you can select the option of automatic updates of your theme, plugin & other files.

In this condition, WordPress automatically update your files without asking you.

Then you will not be able to see anything that will be wrong for you. So, choose your option carefully.

Thus, never forget about the updates of plugins, themes & other files.

Picking the wrong WordPress

It’s an influential mistake that newbies do. They always choose WordPress.com instead of WordPress.org.

However, if you will choose WordPress.Com, you will not be able to get the benefits of WordPress.Org.

Therefore, always select WordPress.Org instead of WordPress.Com.

Changing the theme frequently

Don’t change your theme frequently. It could harm your website.

Infect, your website could permanently go down.

Try to select one theme for your website & continue with the same.

You don’t need to choose different themes for different days.

Some person does the same. They select one theme and operate their website for some days.

Later, they change the theme of the website after some days. It is not a good idea.

Therefore select one best theme for your website.

Site’s updating without back-up

You must take back-up before updating your site.

At the time of updating your site, it may be some problem.

Then the site’s back-up will help you a lot.

There are many plugins available with WordPress.Org.

Similarly, you can search and install that from your admin panel’s plugins section. Example WP Security Plugin

It is one plugin but works similarly to many plugins.

Consequently, never update your website without back-up.

Ignore Google Analytics

It is a critical mistake that newbies always make.

It is one major cause out of 17 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid.

After installing your website, you must install Google analytics plugin.

It is an immeasurable plugin for monitoring your visitors. Example of how many visitors come to your site? How many visitors come from organic search? How many visitors come from social search?

Similarly, you can check data of your visitor for one day, seven days, one month, six months, and one year too.

For this, you will have to open a Google Analytics account. In this, you will have to set your website property, get code & verify ownership of your website. That’s it.

Thus, don’t leave this plugin.

However, you can use the Jetpack plugin instead of the Google Analytics plugin.

Tempering a parent theme

It is one major cause out of 17 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid.

You should not temper your parent theme without proper knowledge. Otherwise, your website could crash. You could dissipate your website.

However, if you have any problem then consult website designer but don’t temper parent theme at any cost.

Thus, never tempering a parent theme without proper knowledge.

Neglecting automatic back-ups

Sometimes, it is necessary for some theme that you have to allow automatic back-ups.

In these situations, you must permit automatic back-ups. Otherwise, you could lose some valuable data.

So, don’t neglect the automatic back-ups of your website.

Comment’s moderation

It is not ample for you. Always try to check the comments of your visitors.

You should do this task regularly. Otherwise, you may lose your visitors.

The visitor may think about you that you are a lazy person. You are not able to moderate comments.

Similarly, you are not able to read & reply to their comments.

It leaves a good impact on your visitors. They will think about you as well as your website.

You must check the comment section regularly. You must reply to every fair comment.

However, you can’t reply to spam comment & you could authorize your plugin to delete the spam comment after a couple of days.

Consequently, you must moderate comment on a regular time interval.

Operating website without a contact form

It is also a common mistake that newbies do.

You must install a contact form plugin for your website.

It is very significant because it may be possible that some person may contact you personally.

In these circumstances, if your website hasn’t a contact form, you may lose your visitor.

There are lots of contact form plugin available; you can install the same for your website. Example ninja contact form

It is the best from among them. Therefore, without contact form operating a website is not a great option.

Publishing unedited or incomplete post

Always check your post before posting. Whether it is complete or not?

If you publish an unedited or incomplete post, your visitor leaves your website.

It could reduce the utility of your brand. As a result, you could lose your visitor.

Consequently, check your post at least three times before publishing the same.

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Sum up

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However, you can make it beautiful through your comment.

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