4 Important Things to Know Before Starting Your Blog.

4 Important Things to Know Before Starting Your Blog.

Howdy Bloggies, do you want to know something interesting? Do you want to know 4 Important Things to Know Before Starting Your Blog? You have arrived appropriate place.

I make you understand to know before starting your blog.

Some people think that blogging has much money & much fame or popularity.

If you also think the same, you are wrong. It is not true.

There are other ways also available, though you can make money.

You can start your blog quickly, but before starting your blog, you should understand basic things.

Therefore, understand the 4 Important Things to Know Before Starting Your Blog is a must.

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  • No Guarantee of Making Money from your blog
  • Other Niche can better from blogging Niche
  • Content is not enough
  • Promotion also matter
  • Final words

#1 No Guarantee of Make Money from your blog

This statement is correct. Yes Bloggies, there is no guarantee of making money online from blogging.

I am also writing a blog & posting the same on my website.

Despite, I don’t know whether I will earn from blog or not.

Similarly, many bloggers do the same.

They all are not able to earn money from a blog.

Thus, always think that this point before starting your blog.

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#2 Other Niche can better from blogging Niche

There are lots of Niches available. You can choose one of them except blogging Niche.

Some bloggers copy to the other bloggers. They think that he is earning from blogging. Then why I am not?

It is wrong thinking. You should select your Niche. Specially, you decide your interested field.

You should find your perfect Niche. Perfect Niche means that Niche in which you are efficient & you have experience.

Let me understand you through example. Suppose you have an interest in cricket & you write your blog about football.

Then, in this case, you will not survive in the blogging field.
Similarly, you have an interest in poetry writing & you choose quote writing.

You will not survive in these cases. So, don’t choose any irrelevant Niche for your website.

Therefore, other Niche can better from blogging Niche.

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#3 Content is not enough

I know, you will not accept this statement, but it is true.

Yes, Bloggies you think that content is enough.

You think that you have written 1000 words article.

Even you write approximately 2000 words article, then also not enough.

Do you know why? Because SEO length is 3500 plus words in a single article

Further, can you write every article in 3500 plus words? Think about it & honestly tell me. Infect you know the answer to this question.

Consequently, don’t think that the content you have written is enough.

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#4 Promotion also matter

This statement is true. You should promote your content on social sites.

If you don’t promote your blog, you could not gain followers or visitors.

If you haven’t a visitor, then what is the value of your blog?

Think about this question, after a couple of minutes you will get the answer.

There are lots of platforms available to you. You can promote your blog. Example Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

Likewise, if you don’t have a visitor, your website is waste for you.

Therefore, promotion is must if you want to grow your blog.

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#5 Final words

I hope you have understood all things. I made it best from my side.

However, you can make it beautiful through your comment.

Please leave your comment and ask me anything related to this blog.

Tell me which point of this blog did you like much?

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