5 websites that pay you $100 per image or more

5 Websites That Pay You $100 Per Image Or More

Howdy Bloggies, are you a cinematographer? Do you want to produce money by exchanging your photographs?Formerly, this blog is just for you. Here, I will describe to you about 5 websites that pay $100 per image or more.

First of all, I would like to inform you it will depend on you as well as on your efforts.


Nowadays, there are sets of websites on the internet. You could trade your images and make money.

After examining this blog, you will able to learn concerning best 5 websites that pay you $100 per image or more. Therefore, we should commence our subject now.

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  • 500px
  • SmugMug
  • ShutterStock
  • iStock photo
  • Etsy
  • Sum up


500px is a photographic community. It originated in 2003. Over 15 million photographers from 195 countries using it.

They all have partaken over 120 million images to the world to enjoy. 

Almost five million peoples using 500px today to sell their portraits.

According to the site, you will earn 70% of the sale amount per image.

Moreover, you could make more money if you place your image for a standard license. The best thing is that your image will be promoted or appeared in a big name.

It is possible when you will render your image for commercial licensing.

If you want to work with 500px, you can make a free profile there.

Tender your images, enable your store and fill out the required forms for each photo including model release, liability release

You’ll also have the option of selecting an exclusive or non-exclusive license for the images.

You could earn money for an exclusive license, but that’s means that you can’t sell the license or image to anyone else. As a result, you can try 500px.


SmugMug is also a photography community. It is exited long before approximate 15 years ago.

Its mission is to help amateur photographers who want to earn money via their skills.

It is also a good program for selling photos online. It lets you retain 85% of the margin of your images.

The condition is, you have to buy a pro subscription for it.

It starts at $ 12.50 per month. There is no free option like 500px.

I give an example for understanding a pricing structure of it.

Suppose you sold one image of 5×7 for Rs. 10.98. Here the default price of SmugMug is 0.98. The markup is $10.00.

Here you keep $8.50 as profit. That’s mean 85% of $10.00.

Once you sign up, you will have to upload your images, select the product you want to sell and of course set prices.

It could be proved a good site for you if you think like an entrepreneur. Since you know what price should be set by you?

Hence, it could also be beneficial for you. What do you think about it, comment to us?


Shutterstock always helps to create professional photographs from all background and business of all sizes to produce their best work.  

It is the best platform for every photographer. It has a reasonably complicated price structure.

Here you can earn up to $120 per image download. Means that when anyone downloads your image, you will get $120.

Its contributors have earned more than $300 million from over 500 million downloads.

Shutterstock also sells stock video footages, including in HD format and 4K videos too as well as images and vectors.

You can also refer to other photographers here and earn more money.

Typically around some cents, each time when they sell images.

On the other hand, if you refer a customer in this site who purchase images. Then you could make 20% of their first purchase.

That means you can earn up to $200. Consequently, you can try Shutterstock too.


iStock created the crowd-source stock industry from all around the world.

It becomes the primary source for user-generated photos, vector and video clips. 

It is also a good site for a photographer. iStockphoto has been working since 2001.

It has an extended network of contributors from around the world.

It is a perfect place for newbies too. Therefore, you could join it.

You could fill up the signup application.

In sign up form, you have to choose your level. You can select pictures, audio, video, illustrations etc.

Later, iStock team will review your application. You will have to take a short quiz to assess them.

In the final step, you will have to upload a few samples of your work.

Once your profile accepted with iStock, you’ll receive a minimum of 15% of any sales.

On the other hand, you have the exclusive right. You could earn up to 45% per sale.


Etsy is a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy and collect unique items.

It deals with wedding decorations, custom Halloween costumes, cat-themed gifts and photos.

The fee structure of Etsy is beneficial for everyone.

It is just keeping with 20% of each sale as well as 3.5% of the sale price.

It is not as popular as compared to other sites. Its percentage of searching criteria is also less due to its pricing policy and work structure.

If you think that go with Etsy, you will have to invest your time and energy for marketing your images because every time Etsy cut some amount from your sale. It may be worthy for you.

However, it offers helpful handbook.

To help you learn about branding, marketing, pricing your items.

Here, you can set up your own Etsy store, own price policy, so your earning potential could be unlimited.

Hence, you can join Etsy if you think that it is worthy for you.

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Sum up

Thus, I have discuss here 5 websites that pay $100 per image or more at my best.

All sites have a good exposure provided that you will have to cast your extra efforts. You know without efforts we can’t get anything.

Apart from that, there are other websites too for selling photographs. Example Foap

You could try it too. Foap does not pay up to $120. That is why I didn’t include it above.

It just pays $5 per image. However, you could earn up to $300 by participating in a quiz, competition.

Do you want to know more about Foap? Leave your message in the comment section. I will tell you everything about it.

Here, I have discussed the five best sites that pay you $100 per image or more.

However, if you think any other sites, you can share with me through a comment. I have tried my best here.

It could be more beautiful through your comment. Hence leave your comments and ask me anything related with this blog.      

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