6 Best Tips of How to Improve the Readability of the Article

6 Best Tips of How to Improve the Readability of the Article

Howdy Bloggies, Do you undergo from bad readability of article? Do you want to enhance your readability of the article? Do you want to know about those 6 Best Tips of How to Improve the Readability of the Article?

Come here and read this blog entirely. After reading this blog, you will be able to understand the 6 Best Tips of How to Improve the Readability of the Article.

Reading content on the screen is a very tough task for everyone.

So, if you want to people read your whole blog post, you must write the same in clear format.

In this way, you will gain more readers. Secondly, you will get more returning visitors too.

Likewise, you may have the chance of gaining more sales, more profit, and more income.

Further, if you are a blogger, then you can improve your SEO too.

Focus on your readers

As far as newbie bloggers are concerned, they always suffer in this field.

Moreover, newbies always think about writing a blog post.

Preferably, they must consider a readable blog post.

In other words, they must think about how can they write a readable blog post? It will give them more advantage.

In that way, they can be able to think the proper question, proper format too.

Similarly, they can be able to think about their readers. They must write just for their readers.

Example 1

Let me explain through an example. Suppose that you write for a common man. Then two things must be circling in your mind.

Firstly, your article must be in simple language. Secondly, it must be in an understandable manner.

Further, your reader must think that you have written a helpful article for them. In this case, your piece would be a perfect match for them since they are a simple man.

Here common man means a man who doesn’t have professional expertise.

Example 2

Now consider this example too.

Suppose you write a blog post and your reader is a professional person.

Then your blog will be perfect for them?  Further, they will enjoy your blog?

Probably your answer would be no because you know that they are professionals. They need some advance words instead of a simple word.

So, every blogger must focus on their readers.

Now I am going to start this blog. That is 6 Best Tips of How to Improve the Readability of the Article?

Page Content

  • Write a clear paragraph
  • Try to write short sentences
  • Limit all the difficult words
  • Use transition words
  • Try to mix it up
  • Use Yoast SEO
  • Wrapping up

TIP – 1

Write a clear paragraph

Make sure you write clear paragraphs. Clear paragraph means a explain everything in the least sentences.

Further, you must write the most important sentences in your first paragraph.

It is very crucial for you. Further, you can get more readers if you have an eye-catchy paragraph.

Likewise, you can elaborate on the concept of your blog later.

It will help your reader to understand the whole blog in just one introduction’s sentence.

newbies bloggers forget to cast the most important sentences in their first paragraph.

You must try to write a maximum of eight to nine sentences in your first paragraph.

However, there is no hard & fast rule for the same. It is generally adopted the practice.

That is why successful bloggers do the same.

Consequently, you must try to write a clear paragraph.

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TIP – 2

Try to write short sentences

Always try to write shorter sentences. If you will write short sentences, the chances of mistakes also less.

Further, your readers enjoy your article. They think that your blog post is immeasurable.

Similarly, your grammatical mistakes will be less automatically. You can write up to 20 words in per sentences. It is the maximum limit.

Despite you can try to short your sentence behind 20 words.

If you’re writing in English, make sure you have one long sentence in your every paragraph.

Thus, you can try to write short sentences.

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TIP – 3

Limit all the difficult words

Limit all the words which are difficult to read. Always remember that the reading on screen is not an easy task.

Words with four or more syllables are considered difficult to read, so avoid them as much as possible.

However, sometime your blog may be hard to understand due to its language.

Sometimes, you need to advance vocabulary for explaining the same. Despite, you can try to limit all the difficult words.

Let me understand you through example. Suppose I write a blog about illustration. Here illustration is a challenging word.

Then, you can try to shorten your sentences and paragraph too.

It will give you two advantages. Firstly, you will use your difficult word. Secondly, your reader will feel comfortable.

Consequently, you have to try to limit the hard word.

TIP – 4

Use transition words

You can make your writing much more readable with the help of transition words.

In other words, it is a signal word. You can use it for your article.

Transition words are words like therefore, moreover, likewise, first of all, or beside that These words will give clear direction to your readers.

Similarly, your reader will be able to know that something is coming up.

If you are summarizing, you can use first, second, third.

Likewise, if you are comparing, you can use the very, less, rather, while or either.

If you want to conclude, you can write hence, consequently, therefore.

Hence the value of transition words is very much for readability purpose.

TIP – 5

Try to mix it up

For a paragraph to be attractive to a reader, it should be mixed it up to some extent. You can try to mix it up little.

Alter the longer paragraphs and sentences with shorter ones and try to using synonyms if you want to use some words too often.

Some people use words and or to a lot. Mixing it up with also and moreover is the best idea.

It will give you two benefits. Firstly, you could make your writing more attractive and secondly, it will be much more readable for your reader.

Therefore, you should try to mix up your sentence and paragraphs.

TIP – 6

Use Yoast SEO

It will help you a lot. Yoast SEO has a complete section about readability. You can install it and use it.

It will assist you in many ways:

  • It will tell you about your readability status.
  • It will check the length of sentences and paragraphs.
  • Whether you are using a transition word or not?
  • Checking of sub-headings moreover.
  • It will tell you about the use of passive voice also.
  • Likewise, it calculates the Flesch reading ease score.

Thus, you can try to Yoast SEO for improving the readability status of your article.

Wrapping up

If you want your reader to read your blog post to the end, then make sure your text must be easy to read.

Likewise, their sentences must not be long and difficult.

Always try avoiding writing long sentences and writing clear paragraphs.

Further, you can use tools like Grammarly and Hemingway. It will help you to write more clear and readable text.

Likewise, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin also for getting a suggestion about readability status of your blog post.

It will help you to find out whether your content is SEO-friendly or not.

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