7 Best Ways to Drive Traffic from Instagram

7 Best Ways to Drive Traffic from Instagram

Do you want to get traffic from the social platform too? Do you want to know another way of getting traffic? Come here, read this blog carefully. After reading this blog, you will be able to under the 7 Best Ways to Drive Traffic from Instagram.

Hello Bloggies, there are lots of ways available to get traffic such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

You will have to do just some hard work with some tips.

In this blog, I will tell you 7 Best Ways to Drive Traffic from Instagram. So let’s start now.

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1. Make your Profile Beautiful

2. Share High-Quality Images

3. Video – The Best Way

4. Add Right Hashtags

5. Be Active & Engaging

6. Post Multiple Times in a Day

7. Having Strategy is Must

8. Conclusion

Make your Profile Beautiful

7 Best Ways to Drive Traffic from Instagram

It is the central point of 7 Best Ways to Drive Traffic from Instagram. You have to put a pretty profile.

You can put a beautiful profile picture. Likewise, you can put a smart Bio.

In other words, you must elegantly put a picture and bio.

Whenever any person sees your profile, they compel to hit the follow button.

At your initial stage, you can put your business’ logo. It will be better for you. Similarly, you can put a video too instead of the picture.

The usage of the profile description is also must. You must use profile description too for providing the link to your business or website.

In contrast, if you will have an appealing profile, more users will follow you.

As a result, you will get more traffic.

Share High-Quality Images

7 Best Ways to Drive Traffic from Instagram

Always remember this line in your mind. You have to use high-quality images. There are lots of websites available for the same.

You can download high quality from there and use it. Example Pixabay, Canva

These are the best websites of stock images. You can download any image here and can use it.

Rather, you can use graphics too instead of pictures. Nowadays, it is the best option.

Thousands of bloggers do the same work. However, there are other websites too for the same such as free stock images, Getty Images.

Hence, you can use any website for getting high-quality images and must share high-quality pictures.

Video – The Best Way

7 Best Ways to Drive Traffic from Instagram

Video is the most engaging content type on social media.

As far as Instagram is concerned, you can make a 3 second to 60-second video and upload it and you can gain followers too.

You can download the application of making videos too for your personal use.

There are lots of video making applications available with Google Play Store.

You have to go there, choose any application as per your choice and download the same. That’s it.  

You know very well the popularity of videos. Similarly, you would know about the YouTube too.

Today YouTube becomes the search engine after Google. Millions of users make videos on YouTube and share the same.

I want to tell you in short that you have to use videos too for your Instagram.

Therefore, using videos may advantageous for you.

Add Right Hashtags

Hashtags - Instagram

What is the advantage of Hashtags? Do you know? I think you don’t know. I will tell you the same in this paragraph.

The main advantage of Hashtags is getting more likes on your social column.

Preferably you can gain new followers too in an effortless way.

Using the right Hashtags allow you get to notice your post among the thousands of people.

You must use Hashtags for your images too. Similarly, try to give the most reliable and best Hashtags in your memories.

There are lots of Hashtags available for every industry. You have to choose your industry and use the appropriate Hashtags.

Let me understand you through example. Suppose you are sharing a post about the best plugins of WordPress.

Then your post’s Hashtags must be WordPress, Plugins, and WordPress Plugins. I think you have understood through this example.  

There is no hard and fast rule of using the Hashtags.

However, you can use six to nine Hashtags per post.

So, using the right Hashtags is must, if you want to gain traffic from Instagram.   

Be Active & Engaging

Be Active & Engaging

Be active & engaging is also a crucial part of 7 Best Ways to Drive Traffic from Instagram.

You must be active on Instagram.

Likewise, you must reply to every comment of your followers.

Try to resolve the query of your followers. Preferably, you can tell them if you have any doubt, ask me freely.

If you want to grow your traffic, you will have to show some extra efforts towards your work.

Always try to find out the interest of your followers.

Likewise, you should like the post of followers with comment.

Therefore, be active & engaging is also an essential part of growing traffic through Instagram.

Post Multiple Times in a Day

It is a fundamental strategy of growing traffic from Instagram. You must try to post multiple times a day.

However, you can set your own time for the same. It could be morning it could be evening.

Nowadays, most of the bloggers do the same. They prefer to post once or two times a day.

However, you can post three times per day because there is no rule of posting.

You will do the same then you will be able to understand the best time to share your post at Instagram as well as getting high traffic from the same.

Thus, try to post at least two times a day on Instagram.

Having Strategy is Must

It is unquestionably, because if you would not have a strategy, then you will not be able to do anything.

If you believe that, without a strategy, you can sustain, and then you are wrong because you know the importance of policy.

Let me understand this point through an example.

Let say, today you have to share one post on Instagram.

Later, you didn’t make any post. Then what will happen?

You will not post on Instagram. As a result, you will lose your visitors.

Likewise, you will lose your traffic too.

So, you will have to make a strategy of posting time, several posts per day.

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Instagram is a great way to grow your website’s traffic. You have to use it in the best way.

I have explained here 7 Best Ways to Drive Traffic from Instagram.

However, if you have any point apart from those tell me. I will include it on this list.

Similarly, you can use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for growing your website’s traffic.

Nowadays, Fiverr is also a good option. Millions of users use this platform too for growing traffic.

Last but not the least; you may like other blogs too. If you want to ask any question, ask me.

I will try to guide best according to my knowledge.

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