How To Complete Profile On Fiverr

How To Make Complete Profile On Fiverr

Hello Bloggies, you want to make profile on Fiverr. Then you land in the appropriate place. Today I will tell you how to make complete profile on Fiverr.

After reading this blog, you will be able to learn how to make complete profile on Fiverr.

There are many modes to earn money online. Fiverr is one of them.

Today, millions of people using Fiverr for earning money online.

You could make a minimum of $5 and a maximum $1000.

First of all, you need to understand the procedure of creating a profile on Fiverr.

Therefore, we should start our topic now.

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  • Create your profile
  • Verify your Mail
  • Set up profile
  • Create your gig
  • Set scope & pricing
  • Write description & FAQ
  • Set up your requirement
  • Build your gig gallery
  • Publish & verify now
  • Sum up

Create your profile:

It is the first step. First of all, you will have to create your profile with Fiverr.

There have been two options given to you. Either you can create your profile with G-Mail or with Social ID. Example Facebook

Later, you have to select your username and password. Password must contain eight characters. The first letter of your password must be a capital letter.

Therefore, choose user name and password carefully.

Verify your mail:

In this step, you have to verify your mail. When you would create a profile with G-Mail, It will send to you confirmation mail.

For this, you have to log in G-Mail account, open mail, click the link.  That’s it. 

There is no need for it if you would create a profile with social IDs. Example Facebook.

In this case, you don’t need to verify your profile.

Hence, select your option wistfully. However, I would like to go with a social account.

Set up your profile:

It is a very crucial step. In this step, you will have to set up your profile.

You have to go to your profile section. Later you have to do the following things:

(i)    Upload picture:

In this, you have to upload a profile picture.

(ii)    Write about the line:

Here you can write about you as well as your work in one line. It is the same as Facebook’s write about yourself.

(iii)    Which option describe me:

Here you have to select one option out of five options.

(a)    I own a business

(b)    I’m freelancer

(c)    I’m an employee

(d)    I work at an agency

(e)    I use Fiverr for personal need

After choosing your option (anyone), must select your industry as per applicable. There is lots of industry given here.

Consequently, pick your appropriate industry.

(iv)    Set your description:

Likewise, you will have to write a description of your work.

(v)    Set your language:

In this, you have to choose your language example English, Hindi.

(vi)    Link Account:

In this phase, you have to link your at least one account with Fiverr out of having been given below.

(a)    Facebook

(b)    Google

(c)    Dribble

(d)    Stack overflow

(e)    LinkedIn

(f)    Behance 

(g)    GitHub

(h)    Vimeo

(vii)    Set your skill:

Here, you have to write about your working skills. Example blog writing, blog writer

(viii)    Set your education:

Here, you have to write about education

(ix)    Set your certification:

In this, you have to write about your certification. (if any you have)

Create your gig:

In this step, you will have to create your gig. You must complete your 70% profile information.

You have to complete the following information for creating a gig.

(i)    Gig Title:

You have to set your gig title. In gig title, you have to show your work skill. It starts with I Will, You could write I will write a WordPress blog

As a result, choose your title carefully.

(ii)    Category:

Similarly, choose your category. The example you want to write a blog on WordPress,  your category WordPress.

(iii)    Gig Metadata:

Set your gig Metadata here. There are four things. You have to set all one by one.

(a)    Topic:

Here select your option as per applicable. Example blog writing, logo maker

(b)    Language:

Select your language. Example English, Hindi.

(c)    Tone:

Here, you have to select a pitch of work. example professional, basic

(d)    Article type:

Choose your article writing type here. Example short, long, very long.

(iv)    Select tags:

In this, you must choose your appropriate label. Example blog, blogging, blogger.

Set scope & pricing:

In this section, you have to set your scope and pricing of your work. You would find three packages of your pricing.

(i)    Basic

(ii)    Standard

(iii)    Premium

You could write these names too, or you can write different names for your packages. You have to set all the things here. Let me explain one by one.

Fiverr's Scope & Pricing Chart.

(i)    Set name of your packages:

In this, you have to set the name of your packages. Example basic, standard, premium.

(ii)    Set a description of your packages:

Here you could write a description of your work. Example how many days you will take? You could write about your package.

(iii)    Set revision (in numbers):

You could mention here how many times you would take to revise your work. Example one time, two times.

(iv)    Set work included:

In this, you could set your work included.

(v)    Set focus keyword:

It is a crucial step because of the focus keyword has a value. At least provide one keyword in all of your plan.

(vi)    Set reference & citations:

Here, you could set testimonial and allusion.

(vii)    Set data chart:

Here you could set your data chat. It is not mandatory. However, you could make it.

(viii)    Set price:

It is a material aspect. Here you have to set your price.

As I mentioned to you earlier, there are three types of work. Therefore, set your price accordingly.

Example $5 for a basic, $10 for standard, $15 for premium

(ix)    My gig extras (optional):

You can set the same. However, it is not compulsory. Here you could mention about your extra work, extra charges or both.

Write description & FAQ:

In this step, you will have to write a description of your work. It must be 120 words. It is a minimum requirement.

Similarly, you should set at least three frequently ask a question about your work.

Set up your requirement:

In this, you could set your requirement. There are two methods. First, you could write about it. Second, you could paste a picture here.

Build your gig gallery:

In this step, you have to build your gig gallery. You have to make a gallery of your work here.

There have been three options given here.

(i)    Gig photo:

You can build your gallery with an image. Your photo must be clean.

(ii)    Gig video:

You can build your gallery with video. Your video must be in HD format.

(iii)    Gig gif:

You can build your gallery with gif also. Your gif must be clear and visible. The best option of the above all is a picture gig.

However, if you want to show your gig more professional, you could go with video too.

As a result, pick your smart option for your gig.

Publish & verify now:

It is your final step. Almost you have done all the things. In this, you could publish your profile as a whole after verify.

You will have to add your contact number in your profile.

However, you can choose either a call or SMS for verification purpose.

Therefore, feed your contact number in profile correctly.

Sum up:

I try to my best here. I have given all the relevant information about this blog.

Still, you have any doubt about this blog. You can ask any question to me.

I will try to give all the answers to your questions.

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