SEO 7 Best Tips to Optimize your Blog.

SEO: 7 Best Tips to Optimize your Blog.

Do you want to know the SEO: 7 Best Tips to Optimize your Blog? Do you want to know the reasons for blog failure in search engine? Then you have landed in an appropriate place.

There is much importance of SEO in case of search engine.  If you write a blog post, but you don’t know the SEO, then everything is the waste for you.

Sometimes, you write a long-form blog, and it is not rank in search engine. Have you ever been the try to find out the reason?

You should know the reasons for and critically examine the same.

Similarly, you can get a reference to SEO and try to find out the reasons for the failure of the blog. 

There are lots of methods available such as Yoast SEO, Meta Description and many more. You can get a complete reference for SEO from these methods.

Today I will discuss the importance of SEO in this blog. You will be able to know and understand the 6 Best Tips to optimize your blog.

Let’s get started our topic and try to understand the term SEO. However, the SEO term is not a short term. It is a vast topic.

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  • SEO
  • Plugin of SEO
  • Yoast SEO
  • Keywords
  • Use H2 Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Internal Link
  • Outbound Link
  • Optimize Image
  • Final words

#1 SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You can use it for indexing your blog post. You think that there is no importance to SEO for you. Similarly, you think just about blog and blog writing.

It is not true because you must need SEO for indexing your blog post. Its importance has increased after the birth of the organic search.

Organic search is a crucial thing for you. It plays a vital role in your blog. Similarly, you can get the reference for social search.

However, in this blog, we will focus on Organic Search.

#2 Plugin of SEO?

Yes, there are lots of SEO plugins available with WordPress.Org.

Yoast SEO is the best plugin for SEO. You can download it from WordPress.Org website.

Similarly, you can install & activate it through your WordPress dashboard.

Go to your dashboard, Click Plugin on the left-hand side, Click add a new section.

Later, write Yoast SEO in the search bar on the right-hand side.

Further, Click install & Active. That’s it. 

#3 Yoast SEO

First of all, I would like to tell you it is a famous plugin for SEO.

Yoast SEO is a plugin for search engine optimization. You can optimize your blog, post or even your complete website.

It is a very great plugin. Ninty people use this plugin out of hundred. In other words, you can say that is an SEO compatible plugin for every website.

After the installation of the Yoast SEO plugin, you have to activate it.

For activation of the same, you need first complete the set-up wizard.

Further, you have to fill out all the information about your website.

Example post, pages, category, social profile, title, Meta description

It will ask you every question one by one. You must careful at the time of giving your answer or choosing your option in the set-up of the Yoast SEO plugin.

Therefore, if you want to optimize your website, the Yoast SEO plugin is must for you.

Download the Yoast SEO Plugin Here

#4 Keywords

The keyword is some specific word. Example SEO, WordPress. You can use it for optimizing your blog post for search engine.

If your blog post doesn’t have any keyword, you can’t see your blog in search engine.

It is very crucial for every blogger. You should always set the keywords of your blog.

Likewise, you can put focus keyphrase of your blog. It will help you to improve your blog’s performance in the search engine.

You can get the reference of any keyword. There are lots of websites available for the same. Example KWFinder, LongTailPro, SEMrush.

All the sites are best for keyword research. You can use as per your choice. However, you can go with SEMrush. It is better from the other two in some sense.

As a result, Selection of a keyword is very crucial.

#5 Use H2 Tag

Whenever you write your blog, you should use the H2 heading tag for keywords.

Similarly, you can show your keywords in some colours too.  You can put H2 heading tags in different places of your keywords.

Google always search for your keywords.

Similarly, it searches content on the base of keywords with H2 heading tags.

Thus, Putting the H2 heading tags in your keywords is essential.

#6 Meta Descriptions

It is one of the primary points of SEO: 7 Best Tips to Optimize your Blog.

Whenever you write your blog, you should fill out this Meta description box of the blog.

It is the decider point for your blog. Complete filling of Meta description box is essential. In this box, you can put some valuable information about your blog.

Similarly, don’t forget to put your blog’s keywords in this Meta description.

Almost 50% or more visitors come to your website through the Meta description. Now you have understood the importance of the Meta description.

Thus, use the Meta Description is a must.

#7 Internal Links

There is own importance of internal links for SEO. Whenever you write your blog, always try to give internal links to your blog.

It has two benefits. First, your blog will qualify for SEO. Second, you can engage your audience for a long time on your website.

Here, try to give appropriate internal links on your blog post. Don’t put any irrelevant links on the blog.

Suppose your post belongs to blogger and you have given a link of About Page. It will wrong for your blog then.

So, try to give proper internal links on your blog.

#8 Outbound Links

There is different importance of outbound links too for smoothing of blog post for SEO.

When you post your blog, you should provide outbound links similar to internal links.

Further, you can provide suitable outbound links in your blog post. You can give blog’s related outbound links on the blog post.

Let me understand you through example. Suppose your blog is around WordPress. Here, you can give an outbound link of WordPress. That’s it.

Consequently, providing an outbound link is also must.

#9 Optimize Image

It is one of the best points of SEO: 7 Best Tips to Optimize your Blog. Keep remembering one thing in your mind. Always try to put at least one image on every blog post.

It should clean and clear. Similarly, try to put the same image, which exactly belongs to your topic.

Don’t put any irrelevant image on your blog post.

You can use various types of images for the blog post.

Example images, pictures, vectors, illustration, WordArt

However, you can completely optimize your blog’s image by giving a piece of information in the alt text of the same.

Google doesn’t see your image. It always sees your images’ alt text. Thus, always try to provide the alt text of your blog’s image for optimization.

Therefore, optimizing the image is also a crucial stage for SEO.

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#10 Final Words

Here, I have discussed the crucial points of SEO: 7 Best Tips to Optimize your Blog. If you follow all the steps, your blog post boosts up in ranking at search engine.

You can increase visitors. Similarly, you can improve your incomes too.

Further, Google like your website, like your pages too.  Your website will get lots of benefits.

I have made it beautiful. However, you can make it best through your comment.

Please leave your comments in the comment section and ask anything.

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