Ten Best ways to improve easily your blog writing skills

Ten Best ways to improve easily your blog writing skills

Writing an advantageous and cleanse blog is a burdensome task for any blogger. If you lay your unfair blog on your site, your reader might be away from your site. It might be possible that they will never come again. Therefore today i am going to explain ten best ways to improve easily your blog writing skills.

Therefore you must It doesn’t matter your English is excellent or not.The only matter is your language. Always tries to write in your native language. I mean to write like the way as you could write. Just remember one thing. Your blog must be clean and lucid to your reader. 

Today I will share some tricks or ideas with you.How can you make a good blog for your site? How can you improve your blog writing skills? Which type of blog you should put on your website. What should be its length, and many more relevant points?

Page Content:

  • Rough writing
  • Draft your blog and edit it later
  • Ask your friend to read your blog
  • Don’t repeat the same word again
  • Check your Spelling Error
  • Remove unnecessary words if any
  • Must follow only one format
  • Must follow black Colour font
  • Not write too much long or too much short blog
  • Always make Research of your Content
  • Select Appropriate Title of blog
  • Give Appropriate Heading (H1, H2, H3)
  • um up

Rough Writing:

This is a first and very crucial step for any blogger. Always try to write rough your content. Write your all ideas roughly. Then analysis it once roughly.

Don’t lay the matter on your site directly.Maintain your rough log diary or notes in your mobile or in your PC.

Draft your blog and edit it later:

Now, this the second phase. Here you can lay your all thing in the form of the draft once. Note that on the same day.

Don’t check the same leave it and edit the same later because it will be beneficial for you. There is a chance to get a more idea about your topic in future. Then you can edit it and put your extra opinion on your blog.

Now, this is the time to edit your post and check it completely as much as you can just by yourself.

If it is feasible for you, read your content loudly, you will find more mistakes in your content you could improve it.

As a result, you can improve your blog writing skills.

Ask your friend to read your blog:

In this step, you have to call your friend for reading your post before posting. Now the question is why the answer is at this instance just your friend.

Then answer is your friend could reveal out a more mistake. Later you could rectify it.Mostly time we read our content of the blog. We are not able to find mistakes.

You know very well every potter praise his own pot.

I think now you have understood all things.So always ask your friend for the same. Believe me; it will also be very advantageous for your blog.

Don’t repeat the same word again:

In this step, you have to check the same words in your blog. Always try to avoid the same words in your blog.

It leaves a poor impression on your blog. So don’t do the same and if you want to use the same word, put another word which has the same meaning.

In other words, just avoid repetitive words.

Check your Spelling Error:

In this step, you have to check your spelling error. If you want to put good content or blog on your website, must check your spellings.

There is lots of spelling checker’s software available on Google. You can download the same, and could check the spelling of difficult words.

Best website for the same is Grammerly. It is available in two forms. paid and free. You could use it according to your choice. Similarly, you can use WhiteSmoke, Ginger.

Consequently, you can improve your blog writing skills. easily.

You can easily download any application from Google store in your mobile, and you can check spelling errors at any time, at any place just simple.

Nowadays every person wants to save their time. Due to it, they often make mistakes. As a result, they have to bear losses. So at least you don’t do like them.

Remove unnecessary words if any:

In this step, you have to control those words which are irrelevant. Find those types of words and delete the same.

Always try to tell everything in a small paragraph. I try to make you understand by example. A person said he is an honest, smart, intelligent and clever boy. Another said he is a smart guy. Now decide which sentence is fair.

I hope you would have understood all the things about this phase. So this step is also very important for us.

Must follow only one format:

We see that many bloggers use more than one format in their blog. It is wrong because we must follow just one format.

Here format means different types of fonts we used. Suppose any person use different formats in different blogs.So we must use only one format of font.

We should never follow different font formats for different blogs. In short just follow black colour font for your blog.

Must follow black colour font:

We must follow just one colour font that is black. It is a standard and acceptable font colour. We never use different colours for our blog.

The black colour is very healthy for our eye. It gives an impressive print for our blog readers. Its main characteristic is, it is not harmful to our eyes.

Suppose we select a red colour. It could be very harmful to us and for our blog also. Therefore we always use the black colour font.

Not write too much long or too much short Blog:

Length of the blog plays a very crucial role in our blog reader. If you want to gain immense readers, you must write a perfect length blog.

There is no specific limit for any blog. You can follow the average method.

You must write a blog between 1,000 to 2,000 words.Don’t write any blog too short in just 500 words. Here if you talk about Hindi blog, you can write brief blogs.

But in the case of English blog, you must write your blog in between 1,000 to 2,000 words. In conclusion, choose blog’s length carefully.

Always make Research of your Content:

It is also a very important phase in improving your blog. If you have adequate knowledge, write your blog.

But if you don’t have enough knowledge, you must first research your content. Then you can write your blog.

It is very crucial because if you have something, your blog’s reader will be cheerful and stay on your site.

You can explore your content from the internet. I also hunt for my content before writing the blog.

I mostly read topics of wpbeginner. It is a good website for a starter. You can read lots of blogs here.

Select Appropriate Title of blog:

Always try to give an appropriate title to your blog. It is material because it leaves a good mark on readers.

Your reader engages from your blog title if it would be good.

Google also ranks your blog if you would have a good title. So select the appropriate title is very important. Hence select your title carefully.

Give Appropriate Heading (H1, H2, H3)

It is also the most important thing for us.

You should always exhibit your title with a better Heading.

It is a fair idea which must be applied by all bloggers. You have to do just one thing. You must provide a title with Heading.

If you are running a WordPress blog, there are almost six headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6).

All have his own importance. For better showing a title, we should provide H1 heading for the first paragraph. H2 will be next and so on.

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Wrapping up

I have discussed here the Ten Best ways to improve easily your blog writing skills.

Further, i am going to write main points for your reference.

  1. Make sure to write rough ideas.
  2. Try to make draft of your all writing.
  3. Ask your friend to read writing.
  4. Don’t repeat same word again.
  5. check your spelling error always
  6. Remove unnecessary words if any.
  7. Follow one format.
  8. Make sure about the usage of one font colour.
  9. Not write too much long or too much short.
  10. Give appropriate headings.

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